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The real reason you’re not getting promoted at work

If you get passed up for a promotion, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself: Why? Take time to objectively evaluate your own performance. Where did you fall short? Why do you think you were passed over? Be brutally honest with yourself about your shortcomings. And take time to reflect. What did the other person have that you […]


4 Surprising Business Lessons From 4 NFL Stars

Saying you want to be the Tom Brady of your industry or business is like saying you want to be Steve Jobs. Guess what…ain’t gonna happen. The elite of the elite don’t have the same struggles as the “common” business person. When you look at the NFL and the players who are great, it’s not […]


Why I Look for Longevity on Résumés

More and more hiring managers no longer view longevity on a résumé as a positive attribute. Some believe it indicates the employee lacks diverse work experience; others that the employee is complacent, or is afraid of change. This could very well be the case, but to me (and I may be coming from an old […]


4 Networking Mistakes Every CEO Makes

I have been at various conferences this year. I meet unbelievably intelligent people. Others are hyper motivated for growth. Others are simply at a conference for a free trip. What I typically see with all is that many don’t have a plan. “Wanting to network” is fine, but how? Are you going to sit with your co-workers […]


The value of a recruiter

Some things aren’t easy. There isn’t an easy way to lose weight and maintain it. Companies can’t be built without hard work. And you can’t hire good people solely through an app or a database. You need people to make decisions and sort through the haze that is tens, hundreds, possibly thousands of people. Sifting […]


One recipe that never fails in your career growth

I put out a lot of content and my company puts out even more. We do webinars, write white papers and I speak on the topics of career growth, finding talent and corporate culture. I try and read content put out by others and quite frankly, a lot of it is overwhelming. When I research […]


Would you work for free?

I frequently get asked what college graduates should do if they graduate with little-to-no experience. My response: work for free. This is easier for recent college graduates who have the option to live at home; however, I’m a firm believer that if you’re really passionate about something, you will work for free until you get […]


Celebrating 17 years of LaSalle Network!

Golden birthday?! From what people tell me the golden birthday is important…or at least it’s fun to celebrate since it only happens once in a life time. This year, our company, LaSalle Network, turns 17 on August 17…today! I took a shot at starting my own company in the summer of 1998, and on August […]


Retain top talent: Try Corporate Grandparenting

Having a strong company culture directly relates to retaining employees. If someone likes the environment they’re in, they typically won’t want to jump ship. Some places try to build culture by going the flashy route…Foosball tables in the break room or getting off early on Fridays. That’s all fun, but not what keeps people around. […]


Five ways to network beyond LinkedIn

This post originally published in Fortune Magazine as part of the Leadership Insider Network. See the original article here. Networking is the ability to meet new professional contacts and create dialogue and interest to a point where they want to be associated with you in an unofficial relationship. Generating mutual interest is the most important […]


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