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Tom’s Letter

In 1998, I created LaSalle Network to be the firm of choice for Chicago area companies when they needed to add staff. We have grown from an initial office of three employees to more than 150 employees, by providing professional talent in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Administrative, Call Center, Technology, Human Resources, Marketing, Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Supply Chain Management, and Executive Search. My goal has been to attract great people who have the potential to understand and learn what client delivery really means. We have the best retention in the industry and we have continued to grow through two recessions.

I believe the best way to tell a story is through analogies. There are many similarities between the different departments in your company and what goes into building a house. From the foundation to the studs, the roof to the landscaping…it all needs to come together to build the home of your dreams. It’s no different with a company…people are what makes a company what it is, and those people need to come together to work towards a common goal for the company to succeed. Hiring, retaining, managing…it all goes back to the people. No one will take more time to learn your culture and what you need than LaSalle Network.

I know LaSalle Network has a process and vision unlike any firm in the market. We continually learn what is needed to enhance our services from both our clients and our job seekers. A website can only tell you so much, so I hope you will allow one of our staff to meet with you and share our success stories and our philosophies.

I hope to get the chance to meet you as we build a partnership.

Best wishes,

Tom Gimbel
Tom Gimbel

President, CEO