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Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume read moreIs a Resume Writing Service for You?Are you confident in your abilities to proofread and edit, or are you a grammatically challenged, typo prone person who communicates better verbally? read moreKeys to a Stand-out Cover LetterThink your cover letters are getting overlooked? Here's how to make yours stand out among the rest. read moreCrafting Cover LettersEvery job application should be accompanied by a cover letter tailored for the specific position and company read moreShould I use a Career Objective or Summary?In the past, everyone used a career objective. However, career objectives come off as very one-sided – they simply show the employer what YOU want read moreShould I Use a Functional Resume or a Chronological Resume?Which one is right for you? Which one do employers prefer? Read our thoughts on the pros and cons of functional and chronological resumes. read moreMy Resume is Too LongWhat do you do if you have over 10 years of work experience and your resume is too long? read moreI Don’t Have a Resume; Where Do I Begin?Starting a resume from scratch can be a daunting process, so check out a few resume samples or use a resume template for extra help read moreMy Resume is Too ShortEven if you have limited work experience, these tips on strengthening your resume are sure to bring your background to life. read moreI am a Recent College Graduate with Little Work ExperienceEven if you don't have an extensive employment history, you can highlight important skills and experience that will help you land a job. read more